In other words: choosing the right tone and style for your website

What writing style appeals to you?  If you read fiction, then you probably have some favourite authors or genres. Crime, so-called ‘cozy crime’ (for those who don’t like too much graphic detail and tension!), thriller, sci-fi… all have their particular writing styles.

Writing can be formal, informal, academic, punchy, fast-paced, considered, trendy… the list really is endless!  [NB: don’t rely on Word’s grammar checking facilities. In my experience they are not always reliable!]

For your company website what image do you want to portray? Authoritative? Comforting? Fun? Exciting? Innovative? Reliable? Well-established? Revolutionary? Knowledgeable?

Try writing a short passage – just a few sentences – about your company. Then try rewriting it using shorter sentences and simpler words. Then rewrite it again, using longer words and longer, more complex sentences.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can change the effect of your writing, just by changing the style

In other words…

You will in all likelihood be startled at the extent to which you can alter the overall effect of your writing efforts upon the readers, simply by altering a few words.  If you haven’t the time to do your own proofreading, or if you need advice or assistance with any aspect of your web writing, just contact Web Wordsmith. We are here to help.

At Web Wordsmith we specialise in providing bespoke writing in a style which suits the client.