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In other words: choosing the right tone and style for your website

Effective proofreading is an essential skill for any writer. People reading your website may well make judgements about you based on your spelling, grammar and punctuation, and even the occasional 'typo' can undermine your company's image. However it's sometimes difficult to come to a piece of text with 'fresh eyes' -- particularly if you've been working on it for some time.

Here's a tip to help identify errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and style: Put the text into Word, then change it to a different font, colour and size. You will find that any mistakes are much easier to spot! [NB: don't rely on Word's grammar checking facilities. In my experience they are not always reliable!

If you haven't the time to do your own proofreading, or if you need advice or assistance with any aspect of your web writing, just contact Web Wordsmith. We are here to help.