Windows 10 as a Service: the key to efficient digital transformation  

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to bootstrap your organization’s digital transformation, your upgrade to Windows 10 is probably it. At the same time, switching to Windows as a Service is a chance to take advantage of all the features and benefits of the cloud.  

Your new Windows 10 solution comes ready to provide your SMB with seamless access to Office 365, and to our range of industry-specific enterprise solutions. At the same time, you’re giving your organization access to Windows 10’s powerful suite of integrated features:  

  • Improved communication: Windows 10 integrates perfectly with Office 365, with access to features that enable and encourage collaboration like Skype for Business and Yammer. 
  • Fast and easy deployment: Whether you’re talking about the initial upgrade to Windows 10, or adding new desks to your subscription, Windows 10 as a Service will save your IT department time and money with its easy deployment and maintenance options.  
  • Always up to date: Your subscription includes rolling updates enabled by default. Windows 10 also allows your IT department to take complete control of how and when updates are installed, making Windows 10 a reliable choice even for mission-critical systems.  
  • Robust, easy to use file system: Windows 10 runs the server-grade ReFS (Resilient File System), a self-healing, cloud-supported system designed to handle and protect large volumes of data. Combined with faster file sharing and the easy to use Windows 10 interface, your employees will be able to find, use, and collaborate on files quickly and easily. 
  • Secure networks: You’ll enjoy the safety of end-to-end network security, with 24/7 cloud protection. No more down time patching security flaws or fighting cyberattacks. 
  • Work from anywhere: Windows 10 supports remote working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), enabling your workforce to be more flexible.  


Your OpEx secret weapon  

Alongside with these benefits, switching your software licensing outlay from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational expenditure (OpEx) brings your organization a wealth of advantages. Paying on a monthly or annual per-user basis creates a flexible, efficient software ecosystem that’s ready to support your business now and in the future.  

By switching your IT systems to an OpEx model, you can say goodbye to large capital expenditure software licenses. By only paying for what you need, you avoid excess costs. Great for start-ups and growing businesses of any size.  

Windows 10 as a Service enables access to world-class services and support, without the need to invest large amounts up front. Fully integrated with our range of enterprise-level solutions, and with the ability to deploy solutions for every industry in under 24h, we’re ready to accompany you on your digital transformation journey.  

Our case studies show how Windows 10 can be your OpEx secret weapon during your business’s digital transformation and beyond. Contact our delivery partners today, and learn more about Windows 10.