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Copywriting Packages

How long will it take before I have my web copy?

We aim to turn orders around as quickly as possible, but it will vary depending on both your schedule and ours. In general we aim to have our initial discussion within five working days of your inquiry and to have an outline of our agreed plan with you within five working days of that discussion. Once we agree on a work plan, we will do our utmost to keep to that plan and any deadlines that we agree on.

For our longer term clients, we can offer a rapid turn-around service of 72 hours. Sometimes we can also offer this service to new clients, but it depends on your project – we don’t want to put speed ahead of providing the right content.

How many words are in a page?

Most web pages and blog articles are between 350 and 500 words long. We feel that this is an ideal length for most pages and posts, and it gives the search engine crawlers enough to base an SEO score on. As you may well know, Google now bases it’s SEO scores largely on content. This means we need to have room to write naturally, clearly and authoritatively on the chosen topic in order to achieve the best page rank possible. Longer articles and copy tend to be less effective at ‘speaking’ to readers. Its estimated that they only take in 30% of the copy when looking at longer pieces of text.

What if I change my business goals or want to make other changes after the work has started?

If you want to make minor changes it’s easiest for both of us to do so when we have our second meeting. Our main aim is to provide you with high quality content that we are both happy with. Occasionally clients find that they need to make much bigger changes in direction. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is likely to happen. We may find it necessary to charge an hourly rate for any additional work, and to change any deadlines that we’ve arranged to make sure that we can still produce the high quality content that we aim for here at Web Wordsmith.

But I thought search engine optimisation was something else entirely

Over the last few years the big search engines have changed the way they rank pages. You still need someone with technical expertise to work on the IT side of your SEO and to help you keep up with ongoing changes in how the big search engines work. These days you also need fresh, high quality content to get your site ranked well by Google. In fact original content that discusses a topic thoroughly can affect where your page appears on a Google search within hours. Other search engines like Bing still rely heavily on social media interaction, and having compelling new copy on your site will draw customers back to interact again and again. 

Technical SEO still matters, but high quality content is vital if you want to rank well consistently.

I already have an SEO team and a content team

We will work closely with your current SEO and content management solutions to bring you high quality content that works well with your current solutions. Web Wordsmith’s specialities cover many industries such as classical music, further education, learning, professional development, schools, engineering, healthcare, SMEs, academic research, team building, management training, IT and more. We have worked in the public and private sector for a number of years, and can provide specialist knowledge and content while your current team concentrates on planning and delivering your product.

What about semantic content engines? Can't robots write as well as humans yet?

Automated content management sytems such as Sitecore may well be the future, but they still have a long way to go before they can provide well written and original content in the same way as a human being can. That said, if given a clear and explicit brief we can provide content for you to use with your content automation system. We can tailor our writing to encompass a range of customer types and intended customer journeys through your site, and can also appraise your current offering for ‘obvious’ machine-generated mistakes.

Training and Workshops

How can my colleagues and I benefit from your training and workshops?

A Web Wordsmith workshop gives you the chance to work with our highly experienced team of writers to hone your copywriting skills for today’s market. We offer remote one on one training via Skype or half day courses in person. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.

What training do you offer?

We offer training in content writing, basic WordPress maintenance, how to deliver training and workshops, how to write educational and training content, and digital marketing basics.

All of our training is one-on-one via Skype or Google Hangouts. We also offer half day workshops on the same subjects.

Contact us today to discuss pricing and our programs.

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